Pokemon butts are the new hot thing somehow.
Via io9
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Pokémon products have really bottomed out.

With a stacked cast of 718 Pokémon in their Pokédex, it looks like the possibilities are endless. Especially for companies trying to make money on the back end and not take one on the cheek.

We're done.

But seriously, the official Japanese Pokémon Center store announced their newest line of products today and, simply, it highlights Pokémon butts.

It's called the Hip Pop Parade.

And it is a very extensive line. Butts on butts on butts.

There are keychains.

There are coin purses and tote bags.

There are decals and coffee mugs.

And so much more.

We're not sure we would sport these money makers, but we can't deny they are just a little bit cute.

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Peach John, a Japanese clothing/lingerie retailer might've had the best of intentions when they hit the drawing board to brainstorm a Pokémon-dedicated lingerie line; but the final result just, well, it just feels wrong. You can almost hear the masked cries of multiple Pikachus ring out from that eerie pic of the lingerie on display.

Apparently this collection also contains a bathrobe (with the Pikachu-faced hood), and a Poké Ball beauty case (kind of awesome tbh).