Robert Kirkman Proves He Lives Off of Fan's Tears on @midnight (Spoilers)

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Don't watch the video above if you're anti-spoilers. In it, Robert Kirkman makes a joke about a main character death from The Walking Dead comic books that they've been hinting at all of Season 5. Also, Josh McDermitt (Eugene) is pretty funny.

Too bad he's not a scientist.

Kickstarter Project Offers Epic Video Game Boss Fight Prints

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Texas artist Nick Derington has immortalized some very important moments from your youth.

The print series called “Boss Fight” shows Mario, Link and Samus as they prepare to do battle with Bowser, Ganon, and Mother Brain.

He sold out of the first editions of the prints back in January, and now he’s offering them again through a Kickstarter project.

A description of the project from his page:

This project consists of three illustrations that recreate the nervous excitement that meant reaching a game’s hard earned final moments. A testament to the hours spent building skills, solving puzzles and defeating all the minions that stood in your way towards the game’s final confrontation.


Derington has done work for DC Comics, Marvel and Mondo, and he was lead animator for “Scanner, Darkly.”

He reached his fundraising goal after only an hour, and is now also offering a bonus print called “Mario’s Regret” to anyone who has funded at any level if he reaches $18k.

Tired of Waiting for the Next Great Young Adult Novel? There's a Twitter for That!

geek news the next great dystopian young adult novel is on twitter
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Looks like poor Valentine's got some tough days ahead.  I can't say for sure what'll happen to her, but if I had to guess, I'd say she's on her way to starting a revolution!  Either that or getting married to one of those boys that have taken an interest in her and forgetting about all her troubles.