Episode VII is a Ways Away, but There's Already an Awesome BB-8 Cake!

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The little spherical droid that could is already being immortalized in confectionary form from the folks over at Cake Rush. No word on whether or not you need a knife with a crossguard to cut that cake though.

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WTF of the Day: ‘Star Wars’ Tourists Warned About Possible ISIS Attacks Near ‘Tatooine’

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They’ve ruthlessly murdered scores of innocent people, destroyed priceless artifacts, and bulldozed ancient cities.

Now ISIS recruits are passing through Luke Skywalker’s home planet on their way to Libya, and Star Wars fans are being warned to stay away as the danger escalates in the region.

Obi-Wan Kenobi said it best: “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

The planet Tatooine from “Star Wars” was inspired by the real city of Tataouine in Tunisia and parts of the country were used as a backdrop for various scenes in the films.

Fans have been flocking to Tunisia for years to visit the locations, but now they’re being warned against it as the Islamic terrorist group ISIS expands in the region.

Over the past month, authorities have found numerous weapons caches – including rocket launchers – and arrested several men on their way to cross the border and join ISIS in Libya, according to CNN. ISIS also recently claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the National Bardo Museum in Tunis which killed 23 people.

The British government has issued a travel warning for the area citing “a high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping.”

How Do You Get a Whole Bunch of Star Wars Impressions All in One Place?

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Well, why not stage a fake Star Wars casting call, then tell candidates to give their best impressions via voicemail?