Artist, Lord Ingvard, Re-Designs Women's Superhero Costumes To Be Actually Functional

Artist, Lord Ingvard is sick and tired of the costumes artists give their female superheroes.

I love comics and superheroes as much as the next nerd, but the women’s costumes—sweet mother of Moses!—the COSTUMES. At the very least, highly impractical. And at worst, incredibly sexist. I mean, EXTREMELY so. Honestly, I don’t know why women haven’t been a lot more angry and vocal about this kind of thing over the years.

That being said, I just had to take a shot at addressing the most obvious problems. Now, I am not by any means an experienced or accomplished character designer. I am not suggesting these costume re-designs are ideal, or even very good. My main goal was to at least TRY to approach the subject of female superheroes with the degree of logic, equality, and respect they—and their readers—deserve.
Below are the heroes, Ingvard re-designed with a more practical touch.

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