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Specifically, secondary schools across Northern Ireland are being given copies of MinecraftEdu, a version of the game designed to be educational.  This initiative is expected to bring Minecraft to 50,000 kids, and will be used to teach everything from art to history and computer coding:

Last week we worked with Artichoke and The Space to recreate, in Minecraft, a version of Burning Man artist David Best’s ‘Temple’ in Minecraft.

The real world Temple was a 70ft structure in the city that was ceremonially burnt. When we took it into the schools we were able to give young people a chance to create their own versions of the Temple, working alongside the artist. We’ve seen Minecraft being used to teach everything from coding to physics but I think that there’s a real opportunity to develop more of these kind of creative projects too.
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People in Turkey are really worried that “Minecraft” is going to turn their kids into hardened criminals.

The country’s Family and Social Policies Ministry has launched an investigation into the game after receiving numerous complaints from parents that the game encourages violence (particularly towards women), according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Apparently Turkey hasn’t heard of GTA V.

“In the higher levels of the game the player may need to kill women, allies and even friends for survival reasons,” the article says.

Minecraft is probably one of the least violent games in existence right now, with a majority of the game devoted to hours of mining, farming and building a life in a blocky, pixelated sandbox where anything is possible.

According to the report:

If the ministry’s investigation decides that the game encourages violence, the ministry will proceed by opening a law suit against the game for a country-wide ban.

This isn’t the first time “Minecraft” has been accused of promoting violence.

Last year PETA launched a HQ in “Minecraft” as a sort of animal sanctuary where no one was allowed to harm the digital creatures.

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Minecraft: Story Mode will be a standalone game based on the Minecraft world, with an all new original story told in a narrative and choice driven episodic series.  The collaboration between Mojang and Telltale has come about to satisfy a "massive demand for fiction set in the Minecraft universe."  You can learn more about it by playing Info Quest II on the Mojang Blog.

The game is due out some time in 2015.

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