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According to Finnish newspaper Kaleva, Lizard Squad member Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki has been convicted of 50,700 computer crime charges including data breaches, felony payment fraud, and telecommunication harassments in relation to his work with the group of hackers. Lizard Squad claims responsibility for last year's Sony PSN and Microsoft's Xbox Live DDOS attacks. He has also performed acts of SWATting, and harassed people by leaking their personal information and destroying their finances. Kivimaki, who is 17, has been given a two year suspended sentence and will have his internet activity monitored by authorities. 

In Finland, a suspended sentence delays a person's imprisonment while placing them on probation. At the end of the probationary period, if that person has not committed a crime, they may not be subject to imprisonment. Kivimaki's age is likely a factor in his sentence, though many feel the sentence is entirely too light for his crimes.

Daybreak CEO John Smedley, who was a victim of Kivimaki, had some choice words for the hacker on Twitter:

You tell him, Smedley! What do you think, should Kivimaki face jail time for his cyber crimes?

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Security researcher Michael Jordon has managed to hack a Canon Pixma printer so that it can run the original DOOM

"Canon Pixma wireless printers have a web interface that shows information about the printer, for example the ink levels, which allows for test pages to be printed and for the firmware to be checked for updates."

However, he found that the interface doesn't need any sort of authentication to access. Off the bat the worst anyone could do would be print off hundreds of test pages and use up all of the printer's ink. Jordon found you could do much more, though. The interface lets you trigger the printer to update its firmware. It also lets you change where the printer looks for the firmware update.

In theory, you could create a custom firmware that spies on everything that printer prints, it can even be used as a gateway into the network it's tied into.

To show off what he'd learned Jordon opted to show DOOM running on the printer.

Canon has stated they will provide a fix as soon as possible.