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If you need some time off from work to play your new Xbone, Microsoft has provided a perfectly detailed note from your "Entertainment Therapy" MD, letting you off the hook from any obligations for a day...or five.

To whom it may concern,

Due to the Zombie Flu your employee will not be able to fulfill the scheduled commitment he/she has with you. Because of the severity of this condition I'm prescribing a heavy dose of Xbox One. He needs to destroy zombies.

After a thorough examination, I've concluded that the all-in-one entertainment system is the only cure for the aforementioned condition.

This treatment may take anywhere from 1-3 days to work and will require years of accumulating achievements thereafter. If the patient is disrupted with work, I will have to double the prescribed amount of Xbox One.

If used effectively, Xbox One can help relieve the patient's entertainment deprivation and will have an increased state of happiness at all times.

This Collection of Web Comics Really Explains What Its Like to Be a Gamer

Being a gamer is like being any other subset of human being, like a gardener, or snake wrestler, it involves dealing with a number of stereotypes. Namely Sony, and Aiwa, but some prefer others.

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