Daniel Radcliffe to Portray the Creator of 'Grand Theft Auto'

is daniel radcliffe portraying the devil again? No. he's just making grand theft auto
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Coming soon (not really) to BBC near you!

Daniel Radcliffe is set to play Sam Houser, the co-creator and current president of Rockstar Games. Houser is credited with both the creation of GTA and upping the ante as far as video game violence was concerned.

This, as you know from the early 2000s, drew the ire of Florida attorney Jack Thompson who was known for suing a variety of media outlets for racy and violent content.

As of now the part of Jack Thompson has not been cast. I for one am hoping Idris Elba is up for the role, despite looking nothing like Jack Thompson.

See, I think it could work.

Unexpected Rapper of the Day: Daniel Radcliffe Nails “Alphabet Aerobics”

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Yup, Harry Potter can rap. The good part starts a little after 2 minutes in the video.

In a surprise move, further distancing himself from his boy wizard persona, Daniel Radcliffe, skillfully performed Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics" on The Tonight Show Tuesday night.

Radcliffe says he was initially really into learning Eminem lyrics, and calls his fascination with memorizing fast paced rap songs "a disease."

But what does Ron Weasley think?

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The New Doctor Leaked?

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I like Dan Radcliffe as much as the next Harry Potter fan, but I don't think he's the right fit. Would you like to see him in the role, or do you have a ginger in mind for the 12th (13th?) Doctor? Let me know in the comments below!