x-force concept art may reveal team lineup
Via: ComicBook.com
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ComicBook.com recently got their hands on this concept art for the upcoming X-Force X-Men spinoff film. The characters shown are supposedly the people featured in the film, who appear to be:

Cable, the son of Cyclops who possesses telekinetic and telepathic abilities. 

Domino, who manipulates probability and kicks major ass with her marksman skills.

Warpath, a flying, regenerating, guy with super strength, speed, and stamina.

Cannonball, that flying, jet-propulsion guy in the background.

The last member of the team, the gal wearing a hooded vest on the far left could be X-23, the female clone of Wolverine, or Hope Summers, who can mimic powers. Or she could be someone else entirely; any guesses?

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Via: The Hollywood Reporter
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Jedd Wadlow, the guy bringing you Kick-Ass 2, is set to write the script (and possibly direct!) for X-Force. No word on who's on the team, but I'll be mightily surprised if Wolverine doesn't make an appearance.

Are you excited for X-Force? Who do you want to see star in the film? Let us know in the comments below!

Unrelated but awesome art by Robbi Rodriguez.