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Because, you know, Garchomp is the cutest thing in existence.

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All of the answers are names of Ice-type pokemon, either legendary or in their highest (or only) evolutionary form.


  1. A wily Dark pokemon that hunts in packs. It slices with its wicked claws.

  2. A legendary Dragon that fell to Earth in a meteorite, according to Unova legends.

  3. A large blue pokemon known for ferrying people across the waters of Kanto.

  4. A walrus-like pokemon that hails from Hoenn. It is blue and white.

  5. A snowflake-like pokemon that attacks by whipping its icy chains.

  6. A penguin-like pokemon that stores food in its tail.

  7. A large brown pokemon with giant tusks. In the anime, Dawn has one.


  1. A large Grass type from Sinnoh, where it is known as the Abominable Snowman.

  2. A ghostly pokemon that is always female. It evolved using a Dawn Stone.

  3. A strange pokemon that resembles a double-scoop ice cream cone.

  4. A legendary bird of Kanto that causes snow to fall wherever it flies.

  5. A Psychic type that puts opponents to sleep with a kiss.

  6. A round pokemon with black spikes for horns. It can float and manipulate ice.

  7. Eevee evolves into this pokemon when you level it up near an ice-covered rock.

  8. A legendary golem of Hoenn. It cannot melt, even if it is submerged in hot magma.

  9. This bivalve with a spiky shell was evolved using a Water Stone.

  10. A large ursine pokemon that makes fangs and claws out of ice by freezing air.

  11. A pure white pokemon with a flowing tail. It bashes icebergs apart with its horn.

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The first app is an Augmented Reality game called Pokémon AR Searcher. This app allows you to use the camera on the Nintendo 3DS to search around and capture Pokémon that can be transferred over to Black and White 2. This will be released alongside Black and White 2 for approximately $3.50.

The second new is Pokedex Pro and is an updated version of the existing Pokedex app for the 3DS. It will include new features and be released on July 14 in Japan for 1500 yen or approximately $18.

Who's that Pokémon?

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