feebas lucario drop the bass - 7658551040
By Rjsowden (Via: themoderator)
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"Just a Lucario, dropping some METALLIC* beats that are so deep it's like you were hit with a LOW KICK. I assure, you this scene may seem a bit ODDISH - almost a FACADE - but there's ABSOLutely no problem with it. I mean, if you don't like it I guess you'll just have to either GOLBAT home, or BITE your lip and ENDURE it for now, but for those that like this FOCUSed BLAST of DARK ENERGY, prepare to get WORKed UP because DEWGONG enjoy this. Feel freeto GROOVILE along with the beat, perhaps even JUMPLUP and down, DJ Lucario is in the house!!!! ARON't you excited? I nearly DARKRAId when I found out he was touring" - Quote from artist