Congratulations, DragonWhale!

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Congratulations to DragonWhale for winning the tournament!

The titles and a trophy have been given to the winners

  1. dragonwhale
  2. Revan
  3. Rioka-Starwind and Spidy

So DragonWhale do you have any comments? Was it difficult or do you think you got lucky? (I kid, I kid. :P)

Everyone is welcomed to leave feedback of course. If anyone doubts your battling skills DragonWhale then just give them this link ;)

All battle video codes can be found here (how?)

It was fun while it lasted and it was our pleasure to host this tournament. Be sure to check out the tournament website for lesser tournaments hosted by volunteers. Until next time,

- Steelig, Emily and Articblizzard

Tomorrow is the Start of the Winter 2015 Tournament!

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Keep an eye on the tournament description on the website for announcements, if any. Also, the RaidCall room ID is 9514588.

The Pokémon Enquirer! Avaliable Now!

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A previously submitted Pokememe inspired me to make this response...

Congratulations to Spaghetti, the Winner of the Pokémemes Tag Tournament!

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All month long Pokémemes' users have been battling it out to see who really is the very best! This past weekend the tournament officially ended with Spaghetti getting the crown... err Master Ball! We'd like to thank all the participants that showed up and gave some of their time to meet other exciting people around the world. Check out the final battle below:

You can see all of the battles on the Pokémemes Tag Tournament YouTube channel! If this is something you'd like to see again or be a part of let us know in the comments!