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Ever get miserably stuck on a level while playing Super Mario Bros.? Well, the good news (if you could call it that) is that a team of computer scientists from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) just proved the game's levels are 'scientifically difficult to complete.'

Yes, the team said that solving a level in the game is 'as hard as the hardest problem in the complexity class PSPACE.'

What does this all mean? 

Well, that completing a Super Mario Bros. level is more difficult than factoring large numbers or the Traveling Salesman Problem -- classic algorithmic problem often used by AI experts. 

“The paper doesn’t attempt to establish that any of the levels in commercial versions of Super Mario Brothers are that hard, only that it’s possible to construct PSPACE-hard levels from the raw materials of the Super Mario world,” the team wrote.

Either way, pretty cool stuff going on here.

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Shane Birkinbine of Bentonville, Ark., used “Super Mario Maker,” to pull off all the stops in his pursuit toward marrying the love of his life. For those unaware, "Super Mario Maker" lets users create levels.

Birkinbine configured the levels to propose to his girlfriend Pam Edwards. As Brikinbine's girlfriend Pam Edwards played through the level, he directed her on how to proceed...

“It spells out your name, I think?” he says.

“How did you do that!” she shouts as the words “Pam, will you marry me? appear in blocks across the screen.

Edwards said 'yes' quickly followed by 'of course.' Birkinbine sealed the perfectly tailored proposal by presenting the ring on a mushroom.

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Yesterday, news feeds were stormed by a couple 'shocking' (...) in-game discoveries. We had the unearthing of the prehistoric Mike Tyson Punch Out!! Easter Egg.

And we also had the super rare Super Mario Bros. 3 slide animation..We'll take a gander here, and assume many of you have long since known about at least one of these super secrets..

Anyways, here's the 1 frame animation in all its unadulterated glory.

Via: Kotaku

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