Netflix changes the sexist, culturally insensitive Pocahontas description.
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Dr. Adrienne K., owner of the Native Appropriations blog, just wanted to watch a movie, and it led to Netflix changing the description for Pocahontas.

While scrolling through Netflix, she came upon the 1995 Disney film and immediately found the description sexist and disrespectful of native peoples.

Here's the original description:

Dr. Adrienne took to Twitter for a short appeal:

And then wrote a longer one on her blog.

...[T]hese movies all have well developed romance plot lines, but their (white, male) protagonists get to save things, fight people, have adventures, and be 'lord of the jungle'โ€“they are not defined by their romantic relationships in the film.

Br> After the post and the sizable Internet agreement, Netflix actually responded directly to Dr. Adrienne and admitted fault.

The new description tells a decidedly different story.

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People were worried that Marvel's next "Defender" wouldn't be appearing on Netflix until early 2015, but Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos put those rumors to rest at the Television Critics Association press tour,

"...every six months, you’ll get a new season or series from The Defenders group"

If we can believe that schedule, Krysten Ritter's take on Jessica Jones should be bingeable around October or November. He also clarified that Daredevil Season 2 would be next in line for early 2016, in which the Devil of Hell's Kitchen will take on The Punisher.

But don't expect any cross-overs until all four of The Defenders get their own series. Which means, Daredevil Season 2 will be followed by at least Luke Cage and Iron Fist before the team up begins.

Via: Deadline
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You may remember a couple weeks ago when Jon Bernthal was officially announced as The Punisher for Netflix's Daredevil, season 2. Well now another classic Marvel hero, Elektra appears to be joining the crew in Hell's Kitchen as well.

Played by Élodie Yung, Elektra is a trained assassin and former college girlfriend of Matt Murdock. She's also a long running romantic interest for the blind vigilante.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix is getting bigger and bigger.

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