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With the return of The Walking Dead a few months away and The Last of Us a gleaming memory in many gamers' past, we definitely need something to get us through these zombie-less doldrums of the high summer months.

Enter Youtubers RackaRacka and this expertly conceived and performed mashup of those two IPs. 

The video takes the best tropes and inside jokes of The Walking Dead and The Last of Us, creating a whole undead buffet of winks and nods. In fact, there's quite a few spoilers in this video for you walker/clicker noobs out there. However, it goes by so quickly and with such violence, you won't ruin anything for yourself watching it. 

One wonders what drove the people behind this video who had the time and the resources to make it. Then one just shuts up and watches the damn thing, ultimately realizing that it's surprisingly great.