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The latest teaser for Halo 5: Guardians is only 10 seconds long and features one visible word: traitor.  A link in the description takes you to a Hunt the Truth tumblr, which serves as an investigation into "the real Master Chief."  On the site, Keegan-Michael Key (as in Key and Peele) plays journalist Benjamin Giraud doing a podcast profile turned investigation of Master Chief, the first episode of which you can listen to below.  The site also shows an easy-to-scrub version of the teaser that reveals ten additional words written on the bullet.  They are: son, abductee, victim, orphan, recruit, soldier, warrior, ally, hero, and savior.

Who is the Master Chief, and is he keeping us safe?  Is he a hero or a traitor?  What does all of this mean for the next chapter in Master Chief's story?

The next episode of the Hunt the Truth podcast airs Sunday, March 29 and will hopefully bring some answers.  If nothing else, this is an interesting and compelling take on viral marketing.