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EVO's 2015 game tournament came to a stunning conclusion July 19 in Las Vegas as the final match between Street Fighter IV players Momochi and Gamerbee. Polygon reports that a fighting stick malfunction almost brought the competition to a grinding halt.

Momochi, facing Gamerbee in the grand final of EVO 2015's Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament got what must be every fighter's worst nightmare: a disconnection notice just as the second round began, with Momochi leading 1-0.

EVO 2015 rules stipulate that if an equipment failure occurs while a game is in progress, the fighter with the malfunction must forfeit that round.

The crowd goes absolutely insane as the controller disconnect message comes up on the screen and with the Momochi having to forfeit the round, bringing the match 1-1, the final bout is extremely tense to watch.

In the end, Momochi pulls out an impressive win and everyone can stop holding their breath.