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Here's the info:

- 3 save slots, but you can make up to 16 save data slots with a SD Card. Pretty convenient if you want to get all events.
- Apparently, chibi-characters are quite lively and full of expressions, which is something you notice right at the very beginning of the game.
- Game starts with a pretty cheerful atmosphere, but things get quite serious real quick.
- Dungeon crawling and fighting feels like an Etrian Odyssey game
- They talk about mapping: there's a % on the screen, and when you reach 100% (everything explored), a special chest appears in the dungeon. Apparently, you can also use coins to open the chests if you don't have much time.
- Fights are pretty challenging: forget to debuff an enemy, and you might get one-shot.
- Rei and Zen (new characters) are full of mystery, and their interactions with the P3 and P4 characters are definitely interesting.