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Grand Theft Auto V Sells 54 million copies
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People love Grand Theft Auto V. At least 54 million of them, if you want to put a number to it.

IGN is reporting that staggering number has just been announced from the game's publisher.

Take-Two Interactive posted its earnings report for the first quarter of its fiscal year and revealed that Grand Theft Auto V has now sold 54 million copies across all platforms.

The numbers given for Grand Theft Auto V are for sold-in, rather than sold-through, copies of the game. The 54 million units is an increase of just two million over the previous quarter. In February, Take-Two reported Grand Theft Auto V had sold 52 million copies over its lifetime, an increase of seven million over the fiscal quarter previous.

That's a big number.

To give you an idea of just how big that number is, it is double what Grand Theft Auto IV sold.

So, yeah. People love Grand Theft Auto V.

Even if all they want to do in the game is scare digital cats into the street.