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People are pretty into this gender-bent fan photoshop of Kiera Knightly as Cable.  Does that actually put her in the running to play Cable in Deadpool 2?

Who knows? It's Deadpool, anything can happen. One things for sure, she'll definitely have competition. Stephen Lang REALLY wants to be Cable. 

via @IAmStephenLang

He absolutely wants it more, and he does look the part. 

via foreverdarylsgirl

The only reasonable solution is that they fight each other for it. 


A History of The Deadpool Movie As Told By Ryan Reynolds' Twitter

There are a lot of superhero movies coming out over the next couple of years, but none seem as much a labor of love as next year's Deadpool. The fan favorite anti-hero, made a brief appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but his portrayal was panned by nerds everywhere, who wanted to see actor Ryan Reynolds take a comedic run at the role.

Now, the Merc with a Mouth has a second chance. Here's all of Ryan Reynolds' love of the role as we've seen from his Twitter this year.

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