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Daily Marvelite is reporting that Marvel's Avengers 3, currently without release date (but probably May 2018), will follow the trend set by Harry Potter, Edward Cullen and Katniss Everdeen by splitting into two films. Earlier this year Marvel booked a May 3rd, 2019 release date for an unknown mystery film, and if this rumor is true it will most likely be Avengers 3: Pt 2.

While normally the splitting of one movie into two feels like a frustrating ploy for a quick cash grab, in this case, it might be warranted. By the time May 2018 roles around, Marvel will have introduced potentially 14 Avengers (from Iron Man to rumors of Captain Marvel), three or four SHIELD agents, at least five Guardians of the Galaxy, and their four "street-level" heroes in the upcoming Netflix deal. The sheer number of heroes coupled with the fact that the fight against Thanos will most likely be the last one for actors Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans whose contracts end with Avengers 3, make the idea of a large multi-part blockbuster seem not only feasible, but mandatory.

While not every Marvel Hero will make the cut to lead in Avengers 3, splitting the movie into two will provide more space for more characters and the potential to fully transition the franchise into a new generation.

What do you think? Should Avengers 3 be two movies?