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The CW's newest expansion to The Flash/Arrow universe is getting two new cast members. Joining Brandon Routh's Atom and Caity Lotz as a resurrected Black Canary (maybe!?), are Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter.

Hunter, who will simply be known as 'The Traveler', is a time traveling adventurer on a secret mission. Played by Timey-Wimey Doctor Who veteran, Arthur Darvill. Hunter is described as

a Han Solo-esque rogue who gets by with his charm... His razor-sharp wit hides the pain of a man who has lived through serious conflict. He also harbors many secrets, always leaving both his teammates and the audience unsure of his true allegiances.
Hawkgirl will be played by Broadway performer, Ciara Renée. The question remains on what origin they'll choose for the series. Will Renée play a character with the reincarnated soul of generations of Hawkgirls, or will The CW choose to go the New 52 route and make her a science experiment?