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Mega Pidgeot is Normal/Flying-type with the ability No Guard and Mega Beedrill is Bug/Poison-type with the ability Adaptability. You can fly on Mega Latios & Latias in the overworld and find Pokémon such as Reshiram, Zekrom, Dialga & Palkia in the sky. Latios is exclusive to Omega Ruby and Latias is exclusive to Alpha Sapphire.

The Eon Ticket is said to return through a special distribution. This makes Latias available in Omega Ruby and Latios available in Alpha Sapphire.

This ticket will be distributed via Serial Code in an upcoming issue.

The Legendary Pokémon are found on islands that can only be found through areas on the sky and is said to make it so all non-event Legendary Pokémon will be obtainable in Generation VI. You access the sky through the Eon Flute item.

You can also encounter various other Pokémon in the wild within the clouds over Hoenn.