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Even though Madam Vastra and her one-time maid/current wife have been appearing on Doctor Who since 2011, and have been in a same sex relationship since their introduction, some folks are having some difficulty handling their kiss in the Series 8 premiere, "Deep Breath".

In case you didn't know, Vastra is a lizard-person (Silurian) who shared the Earth with the dinosaurs before entering a deep sleep. When she awoke in Victorian London, she hired a maid named Jenny, and the two became an item. In last Saturday's episode, Vastra used her super lizard power of storing oxygen to help Jenny in a no breath situation. Apparently, this is a kiss and to some it's ruining a children's show:

Found those characters that liked to display their preferences to be inappropriate for a children's program, but the BBC seem to want to become a pr0n channel and are slowly edging into it.
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