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In case you've forgotten, Warner Bros has been trying to make a Westernized, live-action version of the 1988 anime Akira for years.  Widely regarded as one of the most groundbreaking and well-loved animes of all time, most fans don't see the need for an American Akira, especially not with big Hollywood names like Chris Pine, James Franco, Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson rumored to be attached to the project.  Things have been pretty quiet on the Akira front for a while, but a new name has cropped up, and one that isn't so bad. 

Netflix's Daredevil season 2 showrunner Marco Ramirez has apparently been hired to write a screenplay for the film.  In addition to the new Daredevil series, Ramirez has also written for Orange is the New Black and Sons of Anarchy.  There's no questioning his talent; Ramirez can certainly pen a good script, but the question remains of whether or not this film should even be made.

 Does Ramirez's involvement affect how you feel about an American Akira?  Would you watch it?