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On Valentine's Day Cosmo's Sex and Relationship's Editor, Lane Moore went to Ponycon NYC, and was pleasantly surprised by the kind earnestness of the Brony fandom. She went all out in her costume, met some amazing artists and crafters, and fell in love with everything this fandom represents. She writes:

Every single person I met had an open heart and looked so relieved to be spending time in a world full of nothing but magic, which is something we should all strive for every day. Life can get incredibly hard and even the sweetest cities can be full of cruel, messed up, awful-ass stuff... [they] came to play make-believe for a day, and it made me wish so badly that I was legit into ponies.
We forgive her disinterest in the show, and gratefully accept her openness and kind words

Check out her awesome article at Cosmopolitan.com