You Know What Goat Simulator Needed? Zombies!

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True horror is coming to Goat Simulator in GoatZ, a new zombie survival DLC touted as the "first survival game not in Early Access."  Touché.

The game will feature:

-Mandatory crafting system because everyone else is doing it
-Zombies that bug out. There’s a pun here about actual living bugs, but we’re not going to bother
-You can craft anything in the world, as long as it’s one of the half dozen weapons in the game
-Zombies, because this is a zombie game, remember?
-A pretty big new map with some stuff in it
-Completely realistic survival mode where you have to eat every damn five minutes to survive because Dean Hall & Garry Newman said so

Get it on Steam starting May 7th for $4.99.

Now You're Playing Pinball With Portals!

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Valve's Portal is joining Zen Pinball starting May 25th.  Dubbed the “Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device,” players will face turrets and a variety of obstacles, using portals and aerial faith plates to navigate Portal themed levels.

Wolfenstein Prequel Out Today

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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a direct standalone prequel to last year's Wolfenstein: The New Order.  Check out the gameplay trailer above.

Nintendo's Sorry About the Amiibo Shortage

video game news nintendo responds amiibo shortage
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Nintendo released an official statement about the current state of amiibo.  In short, they're sorry they mucked it up, and they'll try to do better next time.  The statement follows in full below:

We appreciate the enthusiasm that our fans continue to show toward amiibo. Sales for the product have exceeded our expectations. We understand how frustrating it can be at times if consumers are unable to find certain figures, and we apologize for that.

We’re trying to meet the demands of our fans and consumers by increasing the amount of amiibo we manufacture and ship to retail. We may continue to see consumer demand outpace supply levels for certain characters at times, but we will do our best to prevent that from happening.

As our library of amiibo continues to grow, some figures will be easier to find than others. We are constantly looking for the opportunity to reissue amiibo and are already making plans to bring back some currently out-of-stock amiibo figures. Stay tuned for details.

Nintendo plans to make it easier for consumers to know when new amiibo are on the way, through Nintendo press announcements, timely updates on our social media channels and working closely with retailers.

We remain committed to keeping amiibo affordable and easy to access as a platform to enhance game-play experiences. These plans include Animal Crossing amiibo cards that will become available by the end of 2015, and a free-to-download app for Wii U called amiibo tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits that launched on April 30, 2015, that lets consumers enjoy playable scenes from certain NES and Super NES games with amiibo.

That Spiritual Successor to Banjo-Kazooie? It's Called Yooka-Laylee and It's on Kickstarter

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Meet Yooka and Laylee, the chameleon and the bat at the head of Playtonic Games' Yooka-Laylee.  

Yooka uses his tongue as a grappling hook, while Laylee carries Yooka around on wings as the pair roll, jump, and fly to great adventures in this new platformer.  

If you're feeling like you're having Banjo-Kazooie flashbacks looking at this, there's a reason for that; the game's developers are a group of former Rare employees who have come together at a new company of their own called Playtonic Games.  This is the studio's first game, and they've made no secret of the fact that they want it to be a "spiritual successor" to Banjo-Kazooie. Playtonic is taking their game to Kickstarter in order to get financial support from fans and make this game the best it can be. When funded, Yooka-Laylee will be released for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. Part of the Kickstarter's goal is achieving simultaneous release for every platform, as well as co-op mode, multiplayer, extra bosses, and additional languages.

Shut up and take my money!