Darth Vader Denied Vote in Ukrainian Parliamentary Election

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Welcome to the dark side… of politics.

Viktor Shevchenko, a former electrician - turned sith lord - turned political candidate, was not allowed to vote in Ukraine's parliamentary election on Sunday, due to the fact that he refused to remove his helmet.

Schevchenko, who legally changed his name to Darth Vader prior to the elections, said he "would die if he took his helmet off," according to ABC News.

He arrived at the polling station standing atop a large black van blasting the Imperial March.

Vader was running in the Ukraine's Internet Party, with promises to turn the Ukraine into a "galactic empire" and build a military space station "that will protect the whole territory of Ukraine."

The Dark Lord is Running for President of Ukraine

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Radio Svoboda reports that Vader already holds a position as chairman of the Internet Party of Ukraine, first established in 2007, and has filed the necessary paperwork with the country's Central Election Commission to appear on the ballot in a special election to be held on May 25. He's also made the required and hefty financial deposit of 2.5 million Ukrainian hryvnia ($225,225), which suggests this is more than an irreverent prank.

What do you think about all of this? A full on prank?

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