ROFLrazzi: "The Avengers" are Back in Action!

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If you just can't wait for "The Avengers" to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 25th, or are one of the three people who haven't already seen it, "The Avengers" will return to theaters this Labor Day weekend to melt our hearts and explode our ovaries one more time.

So forget about family obligations or boring vacation time and get lost in the most 'Bromantic' battle of the year all over again.

Awwww yisss!!!

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TDW Geek: Nerd Alert! Whedon Signed For Avengers 2, Marvel TV Series

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Disney has just dropped the sweet, delicious news that Joss Whedon is attached to direct The Avengers 2, and that's not all -- he's returning to TV as well.

In one of the greatest cases of both having and eating cake, Papa Joss will have a guiding hand on Marvel's upcoming show based on the established Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It might be a few years before we'll have more news on either project, but it's well worth getting excited for.



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