Sign the Petition to Rename HD 106906 B to Gallifrey!

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Want to make sure Doctor Who Is truly immortalized amongst the stars? Sign this petition!

However, unfortunately for us Doctor Who fans, the likelihood that a civilization of time lords lives there is slim-to-none. The newly discovered HD 106906 B is 11 times larger than Jupiter, and sits farther out from it's parent start than any planet we have yet to observe. Somewhere around 650 Astronomical Units (the average distance from the Earth to the Sun.)
Still there's always hope.


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From MNN

To the dismay of "Star Wars" fans everywhere, physicists have long cried foul about the science of building real-life lightsabers. According to conventional physics, photons don't behave like regular particles of matter. They are massless particles, and can't interact with one another. It's therefore impossible to build anything out of light with a solid structure, such as a lightsaber.

But a breakthrough new discovery from researchers at the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms could change everything, according to (link provided below). They have discovered how to make individual photons interact and bind together into molecular structures. Not only does this represent a whole new state of matter, but these light molecules can potentially be shaped to form solid structures — in other words, lightsabers!

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