Pokemon butts are the new hot thing somehow.
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Pokémon products have really bottomed out.

With a stacked cast of 718 Pokémon in their Pokédex, it looks like the possibilities are endless. Especially for companies trying to make money on the back end and not take one on the cheek.

We're done.

But seriously, the official Japanese Pokémon Center store announced their newest line of products today and, simply, it highlights Pokémon butts.

It's called the Hip Pop Parade.

And it is a very extensive line. Butts on butts on butts.

There are keychains.

There are coin purses and tote bags.

There are decals and coffee mugs.

And so much more.

We're not sure we would sport these money makers, but we can't deny they are just a little bit cute.

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While Marvel Comics continues to make leaps and strides in the area of diverse representation, Marvel Studios can't seem to find their footing when it comes to female and minority heroes. The Avengers movie line-up as it stands now, has less women than any Avengers team has had in a long time. Making matters even worse, since merging with Disney, the merchandise of their franchises seems to frequently forget their female heroes. First Gamora was left off Guardians shirts, and Black Widow hasn't been seen on shirts and toys since the first Avengers despite starring in two of their movies.

Finally (maybe because of DC's push with Wonder Woman) Marvel seems to be hearing the call. At Licensing Expo 2015, Marvel senior Vice President of Licensing Paul Gitter said they were going to have "a big focus on adult female apparel". Maybe Black Widow will get some shirts once Captain America: Civil War comes out, but let's hope both Scarlet Witch, and they're upcoming Captain Marvel see some love, too.