All Aboard the Feels Train: This Spider-Man Fan Film Honors the Memory of a Child Who Passed Due to Brain Cancer

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Before you read this and watch the video, you might want to move somewhere your coworkers can't see; you're in for some feels.

This "SpiderDad" fan film was made to honor the memory of the filmmaker's son, Jayden, who passed away last Christmas due to a brain tumor.  After Jayden was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor at just five years old, Jayden's father began work on a Spider-Man fan film with the intention of having a grand premiere event for his son.  Unfortunately, Jayden didn't get to see that happen, but his father finished the film in his honor:

The SpiderDad Film was inspired by my son Jayden who sadly lost his 18 month battle at Christmas to a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor called, Glyoblastoma Multi-Forme. Before he died, we began filming with the full intention of giving Jayden his very own Premiere at home, with drinks and popcorn. Just like at the cinema. I was very passionate about making this look and feel as real as possible for our little super hero. Even to the finest details of webbing effects, stunts, the Spiderman suit and generally providing a feel good energy about the film.

Sadly, the little fighter became very ill, and his very own Premiere wasn’t able to happen. It became a dedication project to the bravest, and most courageous little boy we know, always willing to give a smile and thumbs up at even the most difficult of times. In addition, we wanted this to also raise awareness and money for the charity who gave our family so much support whilst caring for Jayden, as well as the continued after care for our entire family and his big sister Ella.

Now here's where you come in: the money earned from views and ads on this video will go directly to Naomi House, a UK Children's Hospice Center.  You don't have to donate any cash, just watch the video, and share, tweet, or whatever else you do on social media so others can see it too.  And hand me a tissue, somebody's been cutting onions in here.

Dads of Destiny Clan Pays Tribute to a Member Who Passed Away

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Every gamer knows that the bond formed with their virtual teammates is as real as any formed in the real world, and losing one of those friends is a truly painful loss.  After one of their clanmates passed away due to complications arising from a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis, the Dads of Destiny clan found a truly touching way to salute their comrade. 

Known as TheSquashPhD in Destiny, Joshua R. Stokell of Charlotte, NC passed away on June 8.  He was 36 years old.  Josh had a PhD in Microbiology and was a Post- Doctoral Fellow at UNC-Charlotte researching Cystic Fibrosis.  

JK Rowling Wants to Assure You That You Did Go to Hogwarts, and It Was Totally Real

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If I had a dollar for every time I saw a "I didn't get my letter from Hogwarts" joke, I'd probably have as much money as JK Rowling, who apparently now has the luxury of spending her days responding to fans on Twitter.  

The author's latest entry into the JK Rowling Twitter Hall of Fame (seriously, she's basically the president of the great nation of Twitter at this point) reminds you that even if your letter didn't arrive by owl, you definitely went to Hogwarts.  So wipe those tears from your eyes and let the books be your Hogwarts Express.

Ready Your Heart for Warm Feels: This Little Boy Couldn't be More Excited to be a Married Jedi

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Seven year old Padawan Colin Gilpatrick wrote a letter to George Lucas after discovering that Jedi could not get married:

Lucasfilm responded with a grab bag of goodies and an a-okay for Colin to wed.  

It's too cute, I can't handle it!

Colin's got a few good years to train in the force before setttling down, but it's nice to know he's got the official Lucasfilm blessing when the time comes.  

In other Star Wars news that'll make you feel alive inside, watch R2D2 really make this little boy's day: