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Catlateral Damage, the game that lets you play as the a-hole cat you've always wanted to be, is officially out in the market, and it's got a terrible infomercial to go with it!  

Yeah, this video is cringey, but let's not kid ourselves here.  Remember the bread simulator? Who didn't want to play that?  Catlateral Damage is basically the love child of that game and all those videos of cats being jerks.

Some early Steam reviews bring major praise for Catlateral Damage:

"It's weirdly meditative. Also you can unlock a cat that farts instead of meows.

10/10, GOTY" -megalomanium

"YES! Now I can cat and destroy stuff without annoying the humans. ** that one cup in particular. Also, I will eat this fern. I am totally not a cat, but online, nobody knows if you are a cat. Meow! I mean, human words because I am a human." -[MLD] The_Doctor

Shut up and take this dead bird as payment, human!