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The Exec. Producer for Justice League, Deborah Snyder confirmed that Steppenwolf will be the main villain in Justice League, though the final casting for the role hasn't been decided just yet.

Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle, and also one of his most valued lieutenants. Steppenwolf's been killed and brought back to life multiple times, with the first and most memorable time being after he assassinated Izaya, the Highfather of New Genesis. 

Heggra, Steppenwolf's sister was Darkseid's mother, until Darkseid went on to kill her. Steppenwolf's basically known as the undisputed military mind behind Darkseid's army of Parademons.

Who should play Steppenwolf? Check out the deleted scene from Batman v Superman, which shows us our first glimpse of the villain in action, below:

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Good lord, the promising developments just keep rolling in for this film. Just a couple days ago we learned that Donald Glover's joining the stacked Spider-Man: Homecoming cast, and now this? Gilfoyle, or the actor's actual name Martin Starr (but come on he will always be Gilfoyle in our hearts..)?

Lest we forget that Starr was also the scientist in the Incredible Hulk that ordered that clutch pizza that one time. Couldn't find a clip, but if you can drop that in the comments section! 

Anyways, congrats to Starr on landing a role alongside some tremendously talented actors like Tom Holland (Spider-Man/Peter Parker), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man/Tony Stark), Marisa Tomei (Aunt May), Michael Keaton (The Vulture), Zendaya, Michael Barbieri, Kenneth Choi, and Tony Revolori.

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In a recent interview, Suicide Squad Director, David Ayer talked a bit about the outlandish rehearsal regimen he encouraged his cast adopt; and it's honestly sounding like just the kind of crazy you'd need, to get your actors in the right mindset for this kind of film:

“It wasn’t a normal rehearsal, we’d talk about their lives, their history, and really got them to open up as people to each other. I also had them fight. I had them fight each other. You learn a lot about who a person really is when you punch them in the face. It gets rid of a lot of the actor stuff.”

As far as Joker's Hot Topic-esque mural of tattoos, Ayer said the following:

“A lot of it has to do with creating a character with some kind of history and footprint in our world, and not have this sacrosanct being outside of our continuum, our reality. If a guy like him really existed today, where would he come from?“ The tattoos tell a very specific story, and eventually people will decipher them and understand what’s going on, but obviously they’re contentious, any time you do something new it’s contentious. There’s very specific stories and Easter eggs in those tattoos. And even his teeth, there’s an entire story behind that which is absolutely canon. It’s putting his history on his body. This Joker is a little more working class, who I believe could live in our world.”

Alriighty then. And what would a proper closing be to this bit on the Suicide Squad be without the most recent Jared Leto Joker antics be without this little gem that just came to light about how Leto would treat his costume designers?:

“When we first met him, he said — look girls, I’m going to be pretty intense, I’m going to be the Joker when I come for fittings. Sometimes he tried to terrify us, but we’re strong women. He was growling at us, and we’d play back.
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