Shots Fired: Super BAMF Jason Momoa Has Something to Say About Marvel

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In signing a fan's Aquaman poster, Jason Momoa added a bit of extra (and might I add, beautifully scribed) flare documenting his feelings on the eternal DC/Marvel war with thorough finality. Dude has great penmanship.  

10 DC Movies We're Most Excited For

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Which DC Comics movie do you want to see most?

CW in Talks for Flash/Arrow Spinoff Starring The Atom, Captain Cold

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In a move likely to blow up faster than Ronnie and Dr. Stein (sorry), the CW is apparently working on a new spinoff series featuring fan-favorite characters from Arrow and The Flash.  According to Deadline, the new series will star Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, Victor Garber as Dr. Stein, Brandon Routh as the Atom, and Caity Lotz, who played the first Black Canary.  Given her character's fate, it's unclear who Lotz will be portraying.  The show will also supposedly feature three major DC characters who have not yet appeared in a TV series and is expected to premeire as early as next midseason.  

Would you be interested in watching this Flash/Arrow spinoff?

TNT's Live Action "Teen Titans" Series' Unveiled Lineup

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The Nerdist revealed the lineup for TNT's new Teen Titan show The Titans, earlier today and (with a few exceptions), the list isn't all the surprising.

Everyone's favorite Robin has left Batman, moved to Boston, and is working as a solo act. He's still Robin, but will ultimately don his Nightwing persona as the show progresses.

Barbara Gardon
In her Teen Titans debut, Barbara Gordon (formerly Batgirl), will be wheelchair bound, but not yet have taken up her Oracle identity. She'll serve as the team's computer expert as well as a love interest for Nightwing.

Hawk & Dove
Two teens imbued with the powers of the Lords of Order and Chaos. Originally brothers, the show has decided to go with the Crisis on Infinite Earth version of the two, and the duo will make up a "spunky" romantic pairing.

Everyone's favorite angsty, brooding empath and teleporter. She must keep her emotions under check or release a demonic version of herself.

Another iconic member of the team, and a space princess with flight and energy bolts, Starfire will most likely make up the third point in a love triangle with Nightwing and Barbara.

With Cyborg having his own spot in the Warner Bros Justice League movie series, it's not surprising that he didn't make the cut, but the snubbing of fan favorite Beast Boy seems a little surprising. What do you think of the line-up?