Fandom is Expanding!

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You wanted Doctor Who to have its own section? You got it! But that's not all; all of our geeky sites are moving out of Memebase and into Geek Universe! On Tuesday, July 9th, Superheroes, My Little Brony, and Pokémemes are joining four new sites as a part of Geek Universe: Doctor Who, Cartoons & Anime, Video Game Coverage, and Geek Life.

Doctor Who will cover all things Whovian, from show news to fan art, and everything in between.

Cartoons & Anime will feature all things animated. Mathematical! Now there's a fire in my belly.

Video game memes will still live on Memebase, but for news, trailers, and gamer geekery, check out Video Game Coverage.

Geek Life is dedicated to all things cosplay, plus convention coverage, fun geeky products, fandom foods, DIY projects, and everything else related to the geek lifestyle.

Last but not least, fear not friends, Fandom isn't closing; it's expanding to become Geek Universe. This new home will feature best of the above plus news, fan art, and fun from around Geekdom. Are you excited for Geek Universe? What other shows/movies/fandoms would you like to see get their own section? We'll be here to answer your questions in the comments, so let us know below!

How excited are you for Geek Universe?

Frank Miller Coming Back To Batman Comics, and We're All Worried

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Frank Miller is at it again, writing a third installment to his popular The Dark Knight Returns book from 1986. Unfortunately, Miller has become something of a creeper in recent years. His 2001, The Dark Knight Strikes Again is a mess (at best), and his 2011 book Holy Terror is rife with cultural insensitivity.

If you were hoping that maybe Miller has toned down his horribleness, think again, because the title of his next Batman book, The Master Race has us all ready to cringe.