Some Gen 7 Ideas and Plus and Minus Debunked

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With rumors of a new game being announced this month, I thought it would be a good idea to get some discussion going about possible gen 7 ideas.

Congratulations to Fairy Lizard!

tournament,pokememes tournament
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Trophies and titles have been given to the winners:
1st Place: Emily and GekkoGekko
2nd Place: Coolhatguy and TranquilWyvern
3rd Place: DrSchock, Mastersamwise8, Hugh Jass and Jbruce72

So PiC, Gekko, any comments? Did you use your l33t skills or did you feel the touch of RNGeezus?

All the battle videos can be found here (Here's how)

The tournament was fun, lots of new fun participants to chat with, lots of fun battles.
Cheers, - Steelig, GekkoGekko, RioluTrainer, ArticBlizzard