Forced Meme of the Year - Winner!

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Gak? Gak gak gak. Gak! Ladies and gentlemen, you have chosen the winner, and it comes in the form of a plastic goo that everyone loves. Give it up for GAK!

Forced Meme of the Year

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Who will win the Forced Meme award? Cast your vote in the comments!

From the mod: GAK GAK GAK? Countdown posts? Dolan? Some other post? Something that happened the beginning of the year? It's your say!

All the voting/awards in one easy showcase at the MLBrony of the Year Awards!

Bronies Will Not Back Down

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Reminder! Today is Opposite Day so you must share Fruitmen! Make sure Bronies aren't defeated by some bucking clopper trying to trick us into losing.

Memebase Mod must be new here because he doesn't understand that Bronies have taken over.

As a last ditch (not-so) clever attempt to stop the Brony invasion, the Memebase Mod wants to make you share THIS POST to embarrass yourselves.

I say BUCK HIM, share the post, and show Memebase that Bronies are here to stay!