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This is a roleplaying thread. Feel free to create other more specific roleplaying threads, but this one will be static for anyone wanting to roleplay or group up.

Remember this is a public thread!


  • Keep it more or less clean.
  • Be respectful of other players.
  • Don't be a parasprite, unless that's what you're roleplaying.
  • Try to keep it semi-realistic and fun.
  • Try to stay in character.
  • Have fun!

Here are other specific Roleplay threads:

By Nitronate14 (Via: CB Custer)
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Won 1st for Action PMVs in BronyCon PMV contest, love this song too.

Mothmod here. Gonna turn this into a music superpost:

BlueNoteFS: A track I made about my OC. She's not actually an alicorn normally it's just a story I made up for this track.

ModernBard: A music who shows two worlds in one music, the organic ponies and machines ponies.

CainbowRrash: Orchestral track composed about a moment of Fallout Equestria - hope you'll like it /)